Alfred DB2 Smart Door Lock Deadbolt Touchscreen Keypad, Pin Code + Bluetooth, Up to 20 Pin Codes (Chrome)


  • $ 229.00

Simplicity at your front door. As your stylish personal concierge Alfred makes your smart home, a little smarter. Forget your keys at home, with up to 20 programmable key-codes you won't need them anymore. Or open your door with a single touch using the Bluetooth functionality. Take full control of your door with the Alfred app. Lock, unlock, set one-time or temporary pin codes remotely, perfect for short-term rentals. Alfred looks quite dashing as well, coming in black, chrome, or gold to match your style. Introducing Alfred part butler, part bouncer. An optional Z-Wave module allows you to connect your Alfred smart lock using 3rd party Z-Wave hubs. Alexa integration coming soon.