About us

Electronics Expo has everything you are looking for in home 
entertainment electronics.  This NJ-based retailer of high-end 
electronics is your premiere destination for the latest technologies
and most distinguished brands.  Electronics Expo is the recipient of the 
Consumer Electronics Daily News 2007 Dynamic Growth Award 
and Audio/Video International Magazine Retailer of the Year award
in 2006.

Come into one of our retail stores and prepare to be astonished by the elaborate displays
of all the hottest new products.  As a name that specializes in custom home theater design
and installation.  Electronics Expo has rooms built inside the stores set up from top to bottom as fully functional home theater systems.  These rooms give the customer a clear picture of what Expo can make happen for you. Each CEDIA certified custom installer has the skills and know-how to make a dream home theater a reality.

Electronics Expo also has outstanding customer service and sales teams. Customer
service is on-call to answer any questions you may have regarding products and
policies.  They will treat each customer with the respect that he or she deserves. 
Expo has a knowledgeable sales staff that is always ready to help you in every way
it can. With years of experience in consumer electronics, Electronics Expo considers
its sales team to be a huge asset. You are invited in for free demonstrations of the
latest products.