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Be Ready For Summer - Shop Outdoor Speakers Today!

Sound. Thinking.

“Since its birth in 1971, TASCAM has supported the people involved in the recording and playback industry around the world, and has contributed greatly to the culture related to sound. I believe the pride of being professionals in recording and playback is TASCAM’s main resource of growth, and also a great responsibility to maintain. In this time, while developing the new catchphrase "Sound. Thinking.", we reviewed TASCAM’s core value as a brand. TASCAM will continue working on its finest quality and durability to fulfill the needs and maximize the performance of people dealing with recording and playback scenes all over the world. In addition, we will provide total solutions related to sound, which only TASCAM can deliver. So please keep looking forward to the future of TASCAM.” - Mr. Yuji Hanabusa, TEAC CORPORATION President & CEO

Legendary Reliability.

Recording and Playback.

Highest Quality.

For decades, TASCAM has been the choice of musicians, engineers and broadcast professionals worldwide by combining industry leading fidelity with legendary reliability. With solutions designed for a stunning array of audio applications and catering to today’ s top professionals, TASCAM continues to define the sound of modern recording.

Since our foundation, we at TEAC have had “Recording and Playback” at our core. It’s an important core and a great source of passion. Continuously pursuing “Recording and Playback” has sometimes produced eye-opening new products in the music field, and sometimes it has enabled us to succeed in the face of difficult challenges in the information products field.

TEAC, described simply, is a company which offers the highest quality in the world of “Recording and Playback” to people and society. “Recording and Playback” becomes one story: accurately recording musicians' performances, then playing them back as they was originally performed. This sends the thoughts and intentions of musicians directly to the ears of the listener, and at the same time it gives musicians the ability to objectively assess their own performance.


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