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From The Garage To The Factory.

Taramps was born in a simple way with the manufacture of amplifiers for automotive sound in 1999. The creator and owner assembled acoustic boxes and homemade installed projects in his own garage, but it was the modification of the power of existing amplifiers that started drawing attention. The intention was to design and develop stronger amplifier modules that would surpass the powers already found in the car audio market. The acceptance was such that the manufacture of custom amplifier modules began and then came the first Taramps product, the T-1300 class AB amplifier with two channels of 650W RMS each. The demand brought the need for new employees and the emergence of new models such as T-500 AB, T-600 AB, T-800 AB and many others! In 2003 Taramps entered the digital era with the development of class D (digital) amplifiers, and in a short time Taramps was recognized as a national reference in automotive sound amplifiers. As Taramps grew, more collaborators were attracted and brilliant minds started to think together, creating amplifier that surpassed the barriers of the powers marketed until then, making Taramps a pioneer in the development and industrialization of high voltage amplifier-powered by batteries in series.

Crossover & Audio Processor.

Ambient Sound.

High Performance Audio Systems.

Audio accessories are crucial to the high performance for a complete automotive sound. Taramps products, whether analogue or digital, have all the technology applied since the oldest ones, such as Crossover CRX4, CRX Compact, CRX 5 Plus, and DTX 2.4S, up to the latest PRO 2.6S Audio Processor. While an automotive crossover has only HIGH PASS and LOW PASS cuts, an audio processor has several other settings: parametric equalizer, limiter, delay, phase inversion, and digital memory. This way, it guarantees total control and precision in the most varied resources.

To attend all types of audiences, the Taramps Group innovated once again and created the Homee Life Sound  brand, entirely designed for sound environments, with compact, multichannel products designed for commercial, residential, and gourmet spaces. High performance and low energy consumption are its differentials, in addition to several connection possibilities such as: RCA, P2, Microphone, Micro SD Card, USB and Bluetooth through your Smartphone or Tablet. Explore your music with quality with Homee Life Sound, a brand of the Taramps Group.

The Taramps amplifiers, or power modules, are carefully developed with highest technology and high performance for automotive audio systems. Dynamic products always bring innovation, in the diversity of the lines already presented, as: Stronger, Golden, Platinum Series, TA, HD, TS, TSP, TL, etc. Now, Taramps provides even more income, performance, and effectiveness on both mono and stereo module amplifiers, we have lines such as BASS, MD, DS, and Smart. Besides that, our product design, strength, and safety are also priority considered aspects, highlighting, BASS, MID and HIGH frequency ranges. Welcome to the Taramps sound world.