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Be Ready For Summer - Shop Outdoor Speakers Today!

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Functionality is the key focus of most TV products. However, Samsung Electronics designers focus on the core of viewing experiences. The scope of design is expanded from the space where the TV is placed to the way surrounding devices are linked. Factors that hinder immersion are eliminated to be concise, while various lifestyles and viewing environments are carefully studied. The experiences have been arranged with consideration and only the act of viewing, which is the true purpose of the TV, remains.

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Sound Innovation Redefined

Connected Life With SmartThings

Samsung’s legacy of game-changing innovations pushes the limit of what’s possible in picture and sound, delivering tomorrow's advancements to today's TVs. TVs so advanced, they turn a living room into a cinema, a backyard into a stadium, or transform into art that stands out by blending in. Our latest, industry-leading lineup isn't just built for the way you watch, but the way you live.

Thrill your senses with sound bars and accessories that optimize sound for rich, dynamic entertainment. Our unrivaled, perfectly balanced sound technology is designed and tested by world-class audio engineers at our state-of-the-art California Audio Lab. Immersive sound for an elevated experience

The SmartThings app connects Samsung smart devices to make your home smarter. Start a movie on your smartphone during commute, and seamlessly switch to your Samsung TV when you get home. See inside of your Samsung fridge on your Samsung TV before you get up for a snack. Play music and control settings on your sound bar easily from your phone. Sync with Spotify Connect and never miss a beat.


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