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GoldenEar Super Cinema 3D Array X 3-Channel Passive Soundbar

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GoldenEar Super Cinema 3D ArrayX Soundbar

Soundbars are super-convenient, but they can still struggle to perform at the same level as a system with separate components. Often enough, you're left to choose between a practical, space-saving form factor and sound quality. Wouldn't be great if you could have both? Turns out, you can. The 3D Array Soundbars incorporate left-, center- and right-channel speakers, plus a second set of drivers that utilize 3D Array Technology to effectively cancel out this crosstalk distortion between the left and right channel. Incorporates six spider-leg cast basket 4.5" bass-midrange drivers with Multi-Vaned Phase Plugs (MVPP™). In addition, there are three of GoldenEar 's extraordinary High-Velocity Folded Ribbon tweeters (HVFR™). The 2.7" thin enclosure perfectly complements flat-panel TVs.

Product Details:

  • Amplification Separate Receiver Required
  • Number Of Channels 3.0
  • Tweeter High-Velocity Folded Ribbon
  • Midrange 4.5"
  • System Frequency Response 80-35K Hz
  • Sound Bar Size (inches) 4-13/16H x 49-1/16W x 2-7/8D
  • Sound Bar Weight 17 lbs
  • Speaker Parts Warranty 5 Years
  • Our 30-day money back guarantee

The Technology Behind The Design

GoldenEar's award-winning SuperCinema 3D Array X incorporates fully separate left, center, and right channels into a single streamlined bar. This arrangement provides a deep, lifelike soundstage that brings together the compact design of a sound bar with the immersive experience of a traditional multi-channel sound system. It's the best of both worlds.

The left and right channels can be too close together on many sound bars, which causes crosstalk that compromises your sound quality and hampers accurate imaging. GoldenEar's engineers designed this bar to eliminate that distortion with proprietary 3D Array technology, which cancels the crosstalk out and keeps your sound clean. This lets the 3D Array X create a soundstage that stretches across your room in a full 180° and deliver a detailed, enveloping listening experience.

The 3D Array X offers superb imaging by positioning a high-performance tweeter between two 4-1/2" drivers in each of its three channels. This arrangement allows the tweeter's smooth, subtle highs to seamlessly blend with the punchy midrange and bass provided by the woofers. These mid/bass cones also use a proprietary MVPP™ (Multi-Vaned Phase Plug) technology that increases control over their movement, keeping the sound precise and responsive.

The HVFR™ (High Velocity Folded Ribbon) tweeter is a specialty of GoldenEar's, originally designed for their impressive Triton speaker line. They squeeze air (rather than pushing it) using a low-mass, high-density folded diaphragm. This results in detailed highs that are smooth and distortion-free. The wider surface area also means wider dispersion, contributing to the bar's expansive soundstage.