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Niles History Of Innovation.

The Niles name is synonymous with premier whole home audio solutions. For nearly four decades, Niles has delivered innovative products that enable simple and easy access to home entertainment, and we are now creating audio solutions that seamlessly integrate with lighting and climate control. Niles products enable custom integrators to design and install systems that deliver truly exceptional entertainment solutions for customers.

Home Theater Applications.

The Niles Advantage. 

Upgrade Summer.

Home Theater is an essential addition to your home experience, and building a surround sound environment has never been easier. Directed Soundfield™ speakers are particularly well-suited for Home Theater because of their ability to focus the sound towards the listeners from above. Choose any of our 7” or 8” PR or HD models for your Left/Center/Right channels. Each LCR has features to enhance the sound for the position they are in. Then add any FX speaker to complete the ambiance portion of your system. And our in-wall models are equally engineered to address specific application requirements and performance characteristics. Niles has the right loudspeaker for any theater system you can imagine.

Ideal Listening: Patented Directed Soundfield™ technology directs the sound to the listening area, regardless of where the loudspeakers are installed. Unobtrusive Appearance: Rustproof and paintable MicroThin™ loudspeaker grilles mount flush to the ceiling or wall to seamlessly blend with the room’s décor. Superb Sound Quality: IMPACT (Improved Aluminum Ceramic Technology) woofers and tweeters and other advanced materials ensure superb sound resolution. Higher Output, Lower Distortion: Precision crossover networks, copper shorting caps, and Kapton voice coil formers easily handle the demands of digital music and home theater. Install with Confidence: Patented, spring-tensioned mounting clamps simplify installation and compensate for expanding and contracting mounting surfaces.

Niles OS Series Loudspeakers are ideal for your patio areas. They meet military anti-corrosion specifications, which means they not only sound great but they look great too, even after years of exposure to the weather. With multiple styles, sizes and power ratings, the Niles OS Series has the right option to perfect your patio. Available in white and black.


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