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John Nady, an electronics engineer/musician and founder/CEO of Nady Systems, was the first to tackle the complex issue of noise reduction in wireless microphones. In the early ‘70’s, he succeeded in developing and patenting a companding process for wireless which continues to set the industry standard for clear, natural sound. Nady’s original marketing was strictly in music and pro audio, and by 1985, 80% of the world’s top performing acts were using Nady wireless. Nady introduced the concept of wireless technology to many of the biggest name headliners at that time including Madonna, Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Styx, Neil Young...and the Rolling Stones. In 1987, Nady introduced the legendary — and very affordable — 101/201 Series, opening the world of wireless to virtually everyone. Nady is also widely credited with having developed the world’s first In-Ear Monitor System (1978), as well as the first PLL Synthesized UHF wireless, the UHF-950 (1991).

Made By Musicians For Music.

The Nady Legacy.

Designing, Manufacturing, & Marketing.

Nady wireless and audio equipment offer top performance and value for virtually every onstage/ studio application imaginable, providing musicians at every level with the gear they need to sound their best. Nady’s vast technical, real-life musical experience, combined with valuable feedback from some of the most highly respected players around, have helped create a product line designed to meet the most exacting, high-performance standards.

For 40 years, Nady has been acknowledged as an innovative force in the Pro Audio/MI industry, literally transforming the live audio performance/studio landscape. Nady is widely credited with developing many “firsts”—the world’s first wireless guitar/handheld systems, first professional head mic, first wireless guitar/bass with built-in wireless, first pro wireless under $200, first UHF PLL frequency agile wireless… and the list goes on.

Nady Systems has been designing, manufacturing, and marketing wireless microphones since 1976. One of the first wireless innovators, Nady has sold millions of wireless systems worldwide, and continues to provide some of the most innovative/ highest performing products on the market at the most competitive prices. Nady microphones have also been the #1 choice for many public speaking / broadcasting applications and widely used in schools and meeting halls. The earliest successes in the realm of television production included featured use of Nady wireless on both the 1978 Grammy and Golden Globe Award shows. 


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