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Be Ready For Summer - Shop Outdoor Speakers Today!

50 Years of Innovation in Sound

'Of all art, music is the most indefinable and the most expressive, the most insubstantial and the most immediate, the most transitory and the most imperishable. Transformed to a dance of electrons along a wire, its ghost lives on. When KEF returns music to its rightful habituation, your ears and mind, they aim to do so in the most natural way they can ... without drama, without exaggeration, without artifice'. Raymond Cooke, KEF founder

Innovation, Our Inspiration

Technology With Purpose

Unparalleled Audio Quality

KEF was founded on innovation and new technology. We are recognized in the history of loudspeaker development as one of the most important contributors and a great deal of our research has been published at well respected professional institutions, including the Audio Engineering Society and the Institute of Acoustics. KEF's research legacy includes contributions from some of the greatest and most respected loudspeaker designers of the last five decades. Today, KEF are the company to beat in computer analysis of loudspeakers.

How do we define hi-fi sound? Most audiophiles would say that we are trying to reproduce sound as close to the original as possible, so that if you were to close your eyes, you can imagine that you are hearing the real thing. How close we can get to achieving this depends not only on the quality of the loudspeakers and electronics, but also on the fundamental limitations of the stereo and multi-channel formats that are currently in use.

Sound must come at you so naturally that it seems as if the musicians or actors are actually there in front of you. Whether you are in the center of the room or off to one side, recordings sound uncannily real and utterly convincing. Sound that is critical to the experience comes from the same point in space, and is produced in a controlled and continuous way over the whole audio range.