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Be Ready For Summer - Shop Outdoor Speakers Today!
Be Ready For Summer - Shop Outdoor Speakers Today!

Don't just Live, Experience. Don't Just Hear, #DareToListen.

JBL has brought music to life in a way people can feel for over 70 years. From iconic concerts to the world's biggest sporting events, our award-winning sound has powered the world's most epic musicians, athletes and venues. We unleash the power of music so you can live life to the fullest wherever and whenever. The core philosophy behind JBL's long history of audio innovation is based on meticulous attention to every detail of system design. If the wire needed for a new voice coil isn't available, JBL develops it. If a tool or technology doesn't exist, JBL invents it. This uncompromising commitment to the goal drives the development of every new product and technology that bears the JBL logo.

All About That Bass.

The Elephant In The Room.

JBL Provides The Sound Track To Amplify The Moment. 

One of the biggest acoustic challenges in a home studio is bass management. In small, untreated spaces, low-frequency resonances called “room modes” wreak havoc with bass, creating peaks and dips that manifest as a boomy low-frequency buildup, or conversely, an absence of low end. This means that you could be hearing exaggerated low frequencies at your listening position, or in extreme cases, no bass at all—even though your speakers are reproducing low end just fine.

Speaker technology has evolved dramatically over the past couple of decades. Today, a new generation of monitors combine advanced materials, ultra-precise designs and sophisticated signal processing to minimize the influence of your space and even self-adjust for room problems. But, even the best speaker cannot change the laws of physics; once you place that speaker in a room, you introduce low-frequency resonances, reflections off walls and other acoustic interferences.

JBL believes that life is defined by what you experience and with our products, brings music to life in a way you can feel. Music helps people have experiences that are more extraordinary, by fully immersing them in each moment. To help people have rich experiences, JBL creates full-on sound that draws people in and heightens the feeling. For over 70 years, JBL has been dedicated to delivering sound that elevates life with immersive audio to make life more epic.