Kicker Q-Class 44QSC694 QS Series 6x9-Inch Coaxial Speaker System 4-Ohm

  • $ 349.95

Kicker Q-Class 44QSC694 QS Series 6"x9" 2-Way Car Speakers


Kicker has created something special for those in search of a premium sound solution — their QS Series car speakers. Just a glance at these Kicker 44QSC694 6"x9" 2-way speakers is enough to excite longtime Kicker fans, but of course, it's the sound that matters most. An Kevlar-impregnated polypropylene woofer cone steps up strength and clarity in the midrange and lower frequencies, while the Teteron® dome tweeter delivers all the high-frequency detail. A specialized wave guide on the tweeter along with strategic placement in line with the woofer voice coil enhances phase alignment for an all-round, cleaner sound.



Product Highlights:


  • - 2-way car speakers
  • - 6"x9" Kevlar-impregnated polypropylene woofer cone
  • - 1" Teteron® dome tweeter
  • - external crossover network with bi-amping capability and three-level tweeter attenuation
  • - handles up to 100 watts RMS (200 watts peak power)
  • - frequency range: 30-20,000 Hz
  • - sensitivity: 88 dB
  • - woofer top-mount depth: 3"
  • - impedance: 4 ohms
  • - grilles included
  • - warranty: 1 year



Bring The Power


Audiophile-grade external crossovers improve tweeter and woofer performance and allow the possibility of bi-amping. With power handlng up to 100 watts RMS, Kicker brings "front row" excitement to your daily commute.




Kicker Q-Class speakers incorporate cutting-edge technologies and superb construction to deliver an extraordinary musical experience in your vehicle. These products are only sold by select dealers chosen by Kicker.



What's In The Box:


  • - Two 2-way speakers
  • - 2 Crossovers
  • - 2 Grilles
  • - 2 Ford mounting brackets
  • - 2 GM mounting brackets
  • - 2 Toyota mounting brackets
  • - 2 Crossover input jumpers (installed)
  • - 2 Thick adhesive backed foam gaskets
  • - 2 Thin Adhesive backed foam gaskets
  • - 2 Adhesive backed motor foam discs
  • - 2 Adhesive backed foam strips
  • - Eight 10" Zip ties
  • - Kicker logo badge
  • - 4 Crimp-on 0.25" Female quick slides
  • - 4 Crimp-on 0.187" Female quick slides
  • - 8 Connector insulators
  • - Sixteen 1" Screws
  • - Eight 5/8" Screws
  • - 8 Flat washers
  • - 16 Speed clips
  • - Owner's manual (English/ Spanish/ German/ French)





Installation Note: In addition to standard 6x9 applications, three pair of mounting brackets are included, for installation in various Ford, General Motors, and Toyota vehicles. Please enter your vehicle information to confirm fit.


Point Source Alignment: The recessed dome tweeter uses a point source design; the tweeter is placed in the center of the woofer's voice coil, along with a custom waveguide. The result is improved phase alignment and sonic clarity.


Crossovers: Outboard 2-way passive crossover networks are included for a seamless transition between the woofers and tweeters. The slope is 18 dB per octave and the crossover point is 5.5 kHz.


Bi-amp Inputs: Each crossover has bi-amp inputs, separate inputs for the woofer and tweeter. When using the bi-amp inputs, remove the factory installed input jumpers that short the woofer and tweeter inputs together.


Wiring: The crossover inputs and outputs are screw terminals and will accept bare wire or spade connectors up to 0.325" wide.

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