Infinity Reference REF-5030cx 5-1/4" Component Speaker System


  • $ 199.95

Infinity Reference REF-5030cx 5-1/4" Component Speaker System


One thing's for sure — our customers love Infinity's Reference Series speakers. Year after year, car after car, options like this Reference Series REF-5030cx 5-1/4" component speaker system remain a popular choice for replacing factory speakers because of their competitive pricing and superb sound.



Product Highlights:


  • - 5-1/4" component speaker system includes 2 woofers, 2 tweeters, and 2 crossovers
  • - Plus One+ polypropylene woofer cone with hi-roll rubber surround
  • - 3/4" edge-driven, textile tweeter
  • - True Four Ohm Impedance technology
      • - speaker's 3-ohm impedance combines with speaker wire impedance for a 4-ohm load
      • - compatible with virtually all factory or aftermarket car stereos
  • - tweeter adjustment circuits (0, +3 dB)
  • - handles up to 65 watts RMS (195 watts peak power)
  • - frequency response: 67-21,000 Hz
  • - sensitivity: 93 dB
  • - woofer mounting depth: 1-15/16
  • - grilles not included
  • - warranty: 1 year



Edge-Driven Dome Tweeters


With this component system, you'll gain exceptional clarity and imaging, thanks to separate 3/4" edge-driven textile dome tweeters that subdue any harshness in the high-frequency range. Infinity includes external crossovers that give you push-button tweeter attenuation for a "brightness" quick fix.


Bigger Woofers


The Reference Series polypropylene woofer with its durable hi-roll rubber surround ensures you'll enjoy powerful sound every mile you drive. Its oversized cone moves more air than other speakers of similar size, adding plenty of punch to the speaker's impressive performance.



Bring on The Power


You can power these speakers with up to 65 watts of RMS power — they'll work well with an external amplifier, but they're also a good match for a factory radio or aftermarket stereo. Plus, these 3-ohm speakers combine with the speaker wire in your vehicle so your car stereo sees actual 4-ohm impedance, so you get a little more volume out of your system.



What's In The Box:


  • - 2 Woofers
  • - 2 Tweeters (each has attached 6" speaker leads)
  • - 2 Crossovers
  • - 2 Tweeter flush-mount housings
  • - 2 Threaded flush-mount adapters
  • - 2 Plastic locking nuts
  • - 2 Tweeter surface-mount housings
  • - 2 Starfish tweeter mounts
  • - Eight 1-3/8" Screws
  • - Eight 1-1/8" Screws
  • - 8 Speed clips
  • - Six 5/8" Flat head screws
  • - 2 Washers
  • - 2 Nuts
  • - 2 Adhesive backed foam gaskets
  • - 2 Infinity logos
  • - Instruction manual
  • - Template on box





Plus One+ Woofer Cones: Each speaker uses a larger cone than other speakers of the same size. This is accomplished by using a unique basket design and hi-roll surround. The Plus One+ design offers greater bass output and an increase in efficiency.


Hi-roll Rubber Surrounds: The hi-roll rubber surrounds allow the woofers a greater range of movement, resulting in longer X-max and more bass output.





Material: Each tweeter features a 3/4" edge-driven textile dome for smooth, accurate highs.

Mounting: The I-Mount tweeter mounting system and Starfish mounting brackets give you several different ways to mount the tweeters:

  • I-Mount: The tweeters can be surface- or flush-mounted with Infinity's innovative I-Mount system:
    • Surface Mount: Surface mounting the tweeters involves screwing the surface-mount cup to the mounting location, then inserting and locking the tweeter into the cup.
    • Flush Mount: Flush mounting is made easy through the use of the threaded flush-mount housing and plastic locking nut. Once a cutout is made, the tweeter is installed in the flush-mount adapter, then into the flush mount housing and inserted into the hole. The large plastic locking nut is threaded onto the adapter (from behind the mounting surface) to hold the complete assembly securely in place. When flush mounted, the tweeters may be angled for optimum response and imaging.


  • Starfish Mounting Brackets: The Starfish mounting brackets allow the tweeters to be installed in factory locations behind the grilles:
    • Bottom Mount: Once the Starfish bracket is trimmed, it is secured to the underside of the grille panel. The tweeter must be inserted into the bracket and locked into place before the bracket is mounted.
    • Surface Mount: Once the Starfish bracket is trimmed, it is screwed to the top of the mounting surface behind the grille panel. Then, the tweeter is inserted into the bracket and locked into place.
    • Flush Mount: There are two sets of tabs to flush mount the tweeter in the Starfish bracket, yielding different mounting dimensions. The upper tabs mount the tweeter completely below the opening and are glued in place. The lower mounting tabs are screwed in place and result in a mounting height just under a half inch. Once the bracket is mounted, the tweeter is inserted into the bracket and locked into place.