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Memphis Audio CX23 3 Way Car Electronic Crossover Processor with Bass Remote

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Memphis Audio CX23 3-Way Active Electric Crossover w/ Remote Level Control Brand new American Bass high-performance CX23 3-Way active electric crossover with remote level control. Take your car audio to the next level by ditching your car's passive crossovers for Memphis Audio's high quality 3-way electric crossover. The CX23 crossover allows you to take complete control over your audio system from one convenient device. The CX23 can process the signal before entering your amplifiers making it an ideal solution for multi amplifier systems. It also features an onboard line driver for improved signal. Features: 3-Way Crossover Bandpass Capable Rear Channel Includes Wired Remote Level Control 7V Line Level Output AUX Input Specifications: Front Channel X-Over Frequency @ -3dB: (x1) 36Hz - 370Hz (x10) 830Hz - 9.2kHz Rear Channel X-Over Frequency @ - 3dB: 38Hz - 395Hz Sub Channel X-Over Frequency @ -3dB: 59Hz - 255Hz Crossover Slopes: Selectable -6dB or -12dB Output (Source) Impedance: 105? Typical THD @ 1V IN/OUT: 0.004% Input Impedance Low Level Inputs: 10K Ohms Input Voltage for Full Output: 5.1V Max Output Voltage at 1.0% THD+N: 11.1V Front/Rear 7.1V Sub Sub Channel Performance (Phase/EQ): Phase 180° Switch/25Hz - 100Hz + 12dB Signal to Noise Ratio Main Input: -112.8dB Interchannel Gain Tracking: Within 0.3dB Channel Summing Functions/Blend: Selectable Mono Output on Sub Channel Crosstalk Main Inputs: -52.9dB Current Draw: 0.65A Dimensions: 1.5"x 6" x 8.25" This listing is for one (1) Memphis Audio CX23 crossover.