Sanus SA405 Sound Bar Speaker Mount


  • $ 49.99
  • Save $ 9.96

Attach your sound bar to your TV mount

The Sanus SA405 lets you mount a sound bar below your wall-mounted flat-panel TV. These brackets fasten directly to your wall mount, and can be adjusted to hold your sound bar snugly against your TV. The SA405 can be used with fixed, swivel, or full-motion mounts. Included spacers ensure your sound bar will be mounted at the proper depth. And because the SA405 mounts connect directly to your wall mount, your sound bar will always remain in the same plane as your TV, no matter how you swivel or tilt it.
  • Attaches directly to the bottom of TV for a convenient & stylish setup
  • Easy to Assemble, for sound bars up to 15lbs.
  • Attach any sound bar up to 15lbs with This easy-to-assemble kit.



Product Highlights:

  • for mounting a sound bar underneath your flat-panel TV
  • attaches directly to your TV's wall mount (not included)
  • sound bar weight limit: 15 lbs.
  • mounting hardware included


What's in the Box:

  • 2 Soundbar bracket arms
  • 2 TV bracket arms
  • 2 Soundbar mount spacers
  • 4 Knobs
  • Four TV spacers
  • 2 "C" washers
  • Four M4/M5 washers (small)
  • Four M6/M8 washers (small)
  • Four M4/M5 washers (large)
  • Four M6/M8 washers (large)
  • Four M4 x 16mm screws
  • Four M4 x 40mm screws
  • Four M5 x 16mm screws
  • Four M5 x 40mm screws
  • Four M6 x 16mm screws
  • Four M6 x 25mm screws
  • Four M6 x 40mm screws
  • Four M6 x 50mm screws
  • Four M8 x 20mm screws
  • Four M8 x 40mm screws
  • 2 Keyhole screws
  • Instruction Manual

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