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Be Ready For Summer - Shop Outdoor Speakers Today!
Be Ready For Summer - Shop Outdoor Speakers Today!

Over 40 Years Delivering High-Quality Audio Products.

Started in 1978 is a Portland Oregon based designer and manufacturer of high quality, affordable and great sounding audio products. mainly focused on power amplifiers. The AudioSource brand has been a main part of the audio and CI market for over 4 decades. We have developed a company culture of developing and manufacturing products that exceed our customers’ expectations for value and performance.

Multi-Room Audio.

Home Theater.

Outdoor Entertainment.

Our amplifiers are designed for working in multi-room audio environments. When adding multiple zones to your home using our amplifiers will allow you to deliver high quality sound and power to all zones/rooms. Our versatile platforms will allow you to create infinite amount of combinations to make sure you have what is best for your home.

Designing a quality sounding home theater using ATMOS technology often requires an additional 2 channel amplifier or two. Using the many 2-channel amplifiers available from AudioSource can certainly contribute to completing your ATMOS system. Or if you need to add additional channels to your existing receiver for more sound depth in your theater room.

Building an outdoor area for entertainment requires additional amplifiers and speakers. When designing your outdoor entertainment living space our amplifiers can help make this experience come alive. Whether you are adding one pair or 10 pairs of speakers AudioSource amplifiers can provide a solution.

Audio Source

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